Safe Surgery Washington

Ophthalmologists are medical doctors—physicians and surgeons. Enacted this year, a bill now allows optometrists to perform eye surgeries, so the work to educate and drive awareness on this issue continues.

There are several key differences between ophthalmologists and optometrists—it's very important to “know your Os.” Please consider supporting WAEPS in putting eye surgery back in the hands of trained surgeons. Contact your legislator, email us, or donate below to the Safe Surgery Fund.

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Hear from WAEPS Leadership

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Also, it’s not too late to join the Safe Surgery Grassroots Legislative Committee. Please email us to unite with your colleagues in the ongoing work to keep WA patients safe. WAEPS would really like additional representation on our committee from our ophthalmologist friends practicing in the rural areas of Washington or in Eastern Washington.

“Even if advocacy is not your interest, we need you to stand up for your profession.”

-Dr. Hubert Pham